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Certified by the State of California
and accredited by the prestigious

Joint Commission on Behavioral Health

“I just want to thank all of you at the Kiloby Center
from the bottom of my heart… the things I learned have
helped me forgive not only others that harmed me, but
also myself. I owe the Center my life.”

P. B.

Our Founder

“I saw the need for a mindfulness approach to substance abuse treatment and The Kiloby Center for Recovery was the first in the U.S. to focus on this cutting-edge approach.”

Scott Kiloby


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How We Are Different

The Center welcomes those suffering from addiction, but also anyone who wants to explore Scott’s work more deeply on any issues including but not limited to anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, or even endless spiritual seeking. The length of your participation at the Center depends upon your own individual needs. You can participate for a few days, a week, two weeks, a month, or more.  Some clients with drug, alcohol, or other more severe issues may be required to stay 30 to 90 days or more.

About Scott Kiloby

Scott Kiloby is a noted author, sought-after speaker, and passionate expert on the subject of mindfulness and authentic spiritual awakening as it is taught in the East. He is the author of seven books on the subject and has traveled the world extensively giving lectures, workshops, and intensives. He is the co-developer of a new model of addiction recovery that is based on mindfulness/inquiry and unconditional love. This new model discards the shame, stigma, judgment, and punishment that has been a part of addiction treatment for 50 years. 

After Care Program

The Kiloby Center aftercare program is designed to help clients continue to discover the benefits of our work long after they leave our program. There are  group support available through daily FREE Natural Rest meetings, which focus on the work we do at the Center and how to continue to apply the work in your life once you leave.  There are also over 80 trained facilitators of Scott Kiloby’s work around the world available for private sessions after treatment has ended at the Center.  In addition, once you finish our program, you will have unlimited, lifetime FREE access to all the videos and audios from the Kiloby Center so that you can continue to use and learn about our ever-expanding set of tools that are helping so many people recover and live a life of freedom, peace, and well-being.

We are also available as an aftercare program for those who have already completed a residential or outpatient program at a different facility and are now looking for a new way to deal with the constant barrage of cravings and/or anxiety they experience in everyday life after leaving such program.  If you have just finished another program and are looking for a unique and effective aftercare program, contact us for details.

Kiloby Video Collection

Addiction: Evolving Our Perspective Video Series

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Holding Back The Dam

Understanding the Living Inquiries Before You Inquire



Insurance Accepted

The Center accepts many forms of health insurance for drug and alcohol addiction only.  If you have health insurance, finding out whether your policy covers participation at our Center is very easy.  Simply contact us and we will get the necessary information from you in order to determine whether your insurance covers our program.  We can also answer any questions you have about coverage and whether there will be any additional costs such as deductibles or other out-of-pocket expenses.


Jan 8th to 17th

2021 Radical Recovery Summit

Feel It Heal It – A New Recovery Paradigm

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Our Mission & Vision

The Kiloby Center for Recovery is located in the beautiful community of Palm Springs, California. We are the first substance abuse treatment center in the U.S. to focus primarily on mindfulness, an emerging and effective therapy for the treatment of addiction. We are also the first center to focus primarily on mindfulness in the treatment of dual diagnoses and the underlying conditions related to addiction (depression, anxiety, trauma). We also treat issues unrelated to addiction such as anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, general unhappiness in life, and many other issues.

Our work is based on a cutting-edge approach developed by Scott Kiloby. To read more about Mindfulness, please check out our blog. Our work with addiction is very broad, covering alcoholism and various forms of drug addiction (e.g., meth addiction, heroin addiction, painkiller addiction, marijuana addiction). We also work with food disorders, food addiction, gambling addiction, sex/porn addiction, and much more.


Certified by the California Department of Health Care Services

Accredited by the Joint Commission on Behavioral Health

Founding member of the ICOTP – an organization devoted to fighting fraud and abuse, raising ethical standards, and ensuring independent review of outcome measurements and business practices of providers in the addiction treatment field.

Founding Member of ATAC – Addiction Treatment Advocacy Coalition – an organization devoted to consumer protection for patients and legal advocacy on behalf of patients and providers.

Our Treatment Hours

Monday through Friday, 9am – 4pm (Pacific time zone)

Both in-person and telehealth through Zoom available

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Our Program

Everyone says their program is different… ours really is.

Treatment That Works

NEW: Independent research provides insight into Kiloby mindfulness methods.

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Outpatient Treatment

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The Gold Seal of Approval®

The Kiloby Center is honored to be recognized for our commitment to providing safe and effective care.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation naturally combats depression and anxiety, creates lasting change.

Radical Recovery Summit

Join us to learn from an exciting gathering of leaders in the recovery field.



What Our Clients Are Saying

“The principles and wisdom on which the Center rests are like bedrock – solid. The tools for {mindfulness} are razor-sharp and profound, and by far the most effective I’ve come across after twenty years of seeking.”


“I really want to thank you for bringing this work to the world. For me, it was a breakthrough for the first time. I tried a lot of things but this cuts through on its own.”

Jeannette K

“Scott didn’t supply me with a one-time experience. He supplied me with a tool that can be instantly used as soon as compulsion shows up. This might be the closest thing to a magic pill.”


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