The Kiloby Center would like to share the following testimonial from a recent client who participated with us for the purpose of healing a long-standing addiction.



Where do I start? To be utterly free from the bad dream that addiction can be. To be liberated from the feeling that you have no choice, from the feeling that it is who you are to be addicted. To see what a lie that is. After 18 years of intense struggle with deeply painful and destructive addictive behaviour I now have the lightness of being that comes from knowing and living that it is simply not true. 


Scott Kiloby sees a you that is free from addiction and invites you to join him in that perspective – on your own terms, because they are the only terms that you have. He and every single member of staff at the Kiloby Center acts and lives from a place of love and integrity that is unwavering and unaffected by circumstances and behaviour. They consistently invite you to question what is really going on and teach you to support yourself in that truth. There are no hands to hold at the Kiloby center because they teach you that their hands are your hands. Their love and support becomes the love and support you give yourself, because they are inseparable. This is a beautiful and profound gift and one I will continue to live and be grateful for for the rest of my life. 
The living inquiries and other modalities used at the center are extremely simple, but it isn’t easy. Habits cloud us from the clear and simple truth, but they can hold strong and they require commitment, tenacity and acceptance in order to be seen. But once seen they fall away. Lose their grip. Disappear. It seems too good to be true but it isn’t. It’s real and it’s here now. 
It may feel impossible that you could ever not be addicted or anxious or depressed, that life will always be a struggle, but it simply isn’t true. Your direct experience can show you the truth and release you from their grip if you invite it in. And it will continue to do so unendingly, for your experience will never leave you and never cease to inform you. 
I leave the center utterly transformed and excited to experience every single last drop of what it means to be alive. Every colour on the spectrum of human experience is now open for investigation without fear or hesitation, because I can see it clearly. The veil has lifted and the freedom that has always been there can now be lived. My dream has come true.
There are not words to express the depth of feeling and gratitude I hold for Scott Kiloby and everyone I have worked with at the center, but they all know where it lives. I will bask there with you.

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