About Scott Kiloby


Scott Kiloby grew up in the small town of Mt. Vernon, Indiana. He was an athlete and musician/songwriter while growing up. As a child who felt isolated and uncomfortable in his own skin as a result of bullying when he was in grade school, Scott turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope. For 20 years, Scott suffered from extreme forms of addiction to painkillers, alcohol, crack, meth, marijuana, sex, food, caffeine, gambling and a host of other substances and activities. When he first got clean and sober, he worked extensively in a 12 step program and held many service positions including president of the Hospitals and Institutions Committee of NA in Evansville, Indiana where he volunteered at a local recovery center each week. After a few years in the program, Scott began to venture out beyond the 12 step world because he found that many of his addictive cravings and self-esteem issues were not being addressed through his work in the program.

After leaving the 12 step program, Scott began to study with various spiritual enlightenment teachers who focused on mindfulness and present moment awareness. Through his study and experiential practice, Scott experienced a deeply transformative awakening experience in 2007 that has led to the falling away of those self-esteem and addiction issues. His practice continues to deepen his experience of living peacefully in the present moment. Scott cites mindfulness as the key to the deepest transformations in his life.

In 2010, Scott began training others in his Living Inquiries, the mindfulness technique that he developed after working with his teachers. He is the founder of the Living Inquiries Community, a worldwide organization of facilitators of his work who work with people all over the world using the Living Inquiries. Scott and his facilitators train therapists, counselors, and laypeople in the use of the Living Inquiries as a way to untangle the thoughts, emotions, and sensations that create suffering in peoples’ lives. Scott is also a California Registered Addiction Specialist (int) and an Indiana Licensed Attorney on sabbatical from the practice of law. He and his trainers have now trained over 80 facilitators of the Living Inquiries, who work at various treatment facilities, private clinical settings, and through Skype and telephone conferencing.

In 2014, Scott moved to Palm Springs, California to open the Kiloby Center.
He is the co-founder and director of the Center. He is now a renowned speaker on the subject of presence and mindfulness as it relates to addiction, depression, anxiety, and stress. He speaks at universities, science and psychology conferences, churches and other venues all over the world and provides continuing education courses for therapists and counselors in the Palm Springs area. He is the author of six books, including “Natural Rest for Addiction, A Revolutionary Way to Recover through Presence.”


“Scott Kiloby is probably the most congruent and clear man of the highest integrity I have ever known. He is the same whether home relaxing or giving talks to groups of people. His pajama self is the same as his public self. He walks and lives his talk, fully, continuing to open and go though his own deepening daily. And he honestly could care less if I said these things about him or not, which is also quite refreshing but I wanted to say them anyway.” – Marina Bajszar, former Lead Facilitator at the Kiloby Center