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Trusted After Care Services

At The Kiloby Center, we understand each client has unique needs and challenges, that’s why we offer personalized rehabilitation services and aftercare treatment plans that can work with your life and give you support when you need it. We offer holistic approaches to healing your body, mind, and soul and our team will ensure you feel heard and respected. Whether you’re seeking an intensive in-patient program or a more flexible outpatient support group, we can help you make the life changes needed to be successful, fulfilled and happy. Find out more about our in-patient and out-patient aftercare programs by contacting us today. We’ll be here for you when you need us. 

Chronic Relapse Support

Transitioning back into your everyday life can be challenging, and it's not uncommon to hit roadblocks or even backslide into destructive behaviors. We offer comprehensive outpatient programs that are flexible to your schedule but provide the same expert guidance and support you need to move forward with your life goals. These three-hour day sessions can be attended up to three times a week and are an ideal solution for patients who have already finished with detox. Outpatients may sleep and stay at nearby sober living homes, or their own home as they attend. We’ll help you achieve mindfulness of your triggers, your decisions and your patterns for living. Find out more by connecting with our staff today. 

Holistic Treatment Options

Our holistic approach to rehabilitation and aftercare includes group and private sessions where clients are facilitated through our mindfulness approach and learn to use the tools on their own so they can experience a lifetime of freedom. This new model of recovery allows us to help you incorporate personalized care regimens, exercise, meditation and other techniques to combat triggers leading to relapse. Whether you choose to stay in on the premises for the entirety of your program or you move to an outpatient-style support group, we’ll ensure you have the treatment options you need to recover successfully. Give yourself the best possible chance for a new productive life without the weight of addiction. Contact us now to schedule an initial consultation. 

Flexible Programs to Fit your Life

No two patients have the same needs or time demands, so we’ve worked to create flexible aftercare treatment options that can easily fit within your life. We use a step-down model where clients move through the various levels of care (from higher to lower) over some time and then slowly transition back into their normal lives when they feel ready. We can work with your schedule to ensure you get the support you need that’s convenient for your everyday life. We offer comprehensive aftercare treatment services that include yoga and exercise, meditation and mindfulness training, individual and group support counseling and more. Lay a foundation for successful life sobriety by utilizing professional aftercare programs you’ll only find at The Kiloby Center. Contact us today. 

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