The Kiloby Center has an extensive aftercare program to help clients continue to discover the benefits of our work long after they leave our program.   We have group support available through daily FREE Natural Rest meetings, which focus on the work we do at the Center and how to continue to apply the work in your life once you leave.  There are also over 80 trained facilitator's of Scott Kiloby's work available for private sessions after treatment has ended at the Center.  In addition, once you finish our program, you will have unlimited, lifetime FREE access to all the videos and audios from the Kiloby Center so that you can continue to use and learn about our ever-expanding set of tools that are helping so many people recover and live a life of freedom, peace and well-being.

We are also available as an aftercare program for those who have already completed a residential or outpatient program at a different facility and are now looking for a new way to deal with the constant barrage of cravings and/or anxiety they experience in everyday life after leaving such program.  If you have just finished another program and are looking for a unique and effective aftercare program, contact us for details.

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