A New Approach to Mindful Addiction Recovery



 For decades, the 12-step approach has been the gold standard for addiction and substance abuse recovery, with few other treatment options available.

When I founded the Kiloby Center for Recovery, Inc., in Palm Springs, CA, I realized not everyone sees long-term, sustainable freedom from addiction using the 12-step method.

That’s why I developed the unique program our team uses today.

Here at the Kiloby Center for Recovery, Inc., we teach you to focus on small and practical ways to become more mindful.

This allows you to break free of past habits and unhealthy thoughts that clutter the mind like a busy highway.

Our Tailored Addiction Recovery Programs

At The Kiloby Center for Recovery, Inc., we understand that no two people are the same; after all, that’s why we designed the alternative to the 12-step program.

Our team creates tailored plans at different levels of care to meet you where you are today.

The Kiloby Center Program provides intensive outpatient care for several hours per week and frequent email contact.

The overall length of time and form of aftercare will also be designed to fit your lifestyle.

A Nontraditional Treatment Center


We truly believe The Kiloby Center for Recovery, Inc. offers more proactive and engaging ways to approach recovery and maintain sober living than the traditional scripts used in the 12-step program.

With groups, private activity, email (for outpatients), and personal work, our nontraditional approach to addiction recovery helps residents gain focus and set simple goals. We’ll help you become more aware of your actions, impulses, and mind for long-term recovery.

Most teens and adults in America (including myself) will, at some point in life, struggle with trauma, anxiety, phobias, stress, depression, self-esteem issues, self-limiting beliefs, addiction, painful thoughts and emotions, compulsive behaviors, or difficult relationship issues.

There is nothing to be ashamed of or hide, but there is everything to be gained by seeking out a guide at our recovery center. We’ll help you understand what it means to live mindfully so you gain a fresh and balanced perspective on painful patterns.

Moving from Cravings to Mindful Living

When my mind starts to get overcrowded by thoughts, emotions, and sensations, I call it the Velcro Effect. Everything in my life and my head begins to stick together to create one big, overwhelming sensation of stress, especially during difficult situations at home or at work.

A mindful approach addresses trauma first, helping you understand what painful events mean to you. This helps you develop a deeper awareness of where addictions and other negative emotions or actions are coming from.

Then, these mindful attitudes teach you to move forward and experience life fully present and peaceful, without the overwhelming Velcro Effect of thoughts and emotions blocking your ability to enjoy the moment.

Get help with mindful living today

As an example of what a day of mindful living can look like, with a special focus on enjoying food, please check out our blog post, which covers the way that mindful eating extends to mindful living and decreases cravings for all addictive substances and activities. Contact The Kiloby Center for Recovery, Inc. in Palm Springs, CA, today to get the personalized care you deserve. We provide addiction recovery that will help you reclaim your life.

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