Awakening and Embodiment Retreat

A Five Day Retreat with Scott Kiloby at the Kiloby Center

Join Scott Kiloby and Julianne Eanniello (Clinical Director of the Center) for a five-day retreat on Awakening and Embodiment at the Kiloby Center for Recovery. This retreat promises to be one of a kind, as Scott and his team of facilitators will be offering individual sessions during the retreat, in addition to the effective group work that Scott is known for.  During this retreat, we will focus on stabilizing in present moment awareness (awakening) and then bringing that awareness down into the body to heal the trauma and other somatic issues that keep you oscillating between states of peace/freedom and suffering.

The Kiloby Center has developed an approach to healing that leads individuals step-by-step toward the ancient process of awakening, while incorporating evidence-based mindfulness tools to help us question the ego’s stickiest stories. This approach also guides us through a set of questions that truly unearth, honor, and dissolve the emotions that keep us seeking and suffering. During this retreat, you will learn all of those tools designed to help support in individual journey toward true freedom. You’ll also have plenty of time to talk to Scott and ask him questions.

Joining Scott on this retreat is Julianne Eanniello, co-owner of the Kiloby Center. Julianne was the lead trainer for Scott’s Living Inquiries Facilitator Training Program for 10 years.  Julianne has an amazing wealth of experience and wisdom in this work.  Several other certified facilitators of Scott’s work will be on hand to provide individual sessions. 

The retreat will be held at the Kiloby Center located in Rancho Mirage, California minutes away from Palm Springs.

For more information, email Jessica Pounds at [email protected] and put “retreat” in the subject line.  

Cost: $1500 (Fee is refundable until June 3rd, minus credit card processing fees. After June 3rd, fee is non-refundable). Meals and lodging are not covered (check with us for help finding accommodations).

Date: June 17-21st 2019

Time: 9am – 4pm with a one-hour lunch break at noon.

Location: The Kiloby Center for Recovery, 71777 San Jacinto Dr., Suite 102, Rancho Mirage, CA.

*minimum number of participants required. If retreat is cancelled, full refunds will be issued.