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NEW Personal Mentorship Program

Scott Kiloby and Dan McLintock are partnering, along with a support team of certified facilitators, to offer a New Personal Mentorship Program. This program provides the same level of support they used when developing the Kiloby Inquiries tools. Learn more here....

Single and Socially Distanced in a Covid World

Like many people, I live alone. Before the pandemic, I rarely felt lonely as I got together with family and friends quite often. All of that changed in March 2020 when lockdowns and general fear of the virus forced many of us to cocoon. This presented unique...

Will My Mental Health Ever Get Better?

Society treats many patients diagnosed with mental health disorders as diagnoses rather than individuals. Those patients often ask, “Will my mental health get better?”. Too often, our society assumes the answer is NO. That message- that there is something inherently...

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