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How to Practice Self-Inquiry: Uncovering Genuine Treasures

By Hanneke Geraeds-de Vries These are challenging times, learning how to practice self-inquiry can help you ease suffering. There is a lot happening around us to take in. We may fixate on the screens that display news reports or Facebook feeds, or notice the...

Covid-19: Simple Exercises to Regulate Your Nervous System

We are currently living through new challenges and uncertainties, and the Covid-19 crisis that we are facing together is bringing increased levels of stress, notably, on our nervous system. Income sources are uncertain. We can’t be sure of our sources of food...

Becoming Trauma Informed: Protection v. Connection

By Matt Nettleton We are literally hardwired to seek deeper connection to life. We are hardwired to belong, to love, and to share. Our inherent nature is to cooperate. Deep in our hearts we know this. We know we are not meant to feel separate from each other and be in...

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