At the Kiloby Center for Recovery, we’ve used Chakra-centered work since we opened the doors. Although we use the term “body contractions,” it is essentially the same as chakra areas.  We target these areas to heal mental health and addiction issues.

At the Kiloby Center, we continue to discover new ways to work with Chakras in a very skillful way. Chakras are the areas where we tend to hold energy. We found that this energy actually comes from early childhood trauma and/or emotional repression and other emotional issues. We developed a style of inquiry that pulls up the memories and thoughts connected with those areas where you’re holding energy. Pulling up those areas into awareness and just observing those thoughts and memories, changes the nature of the energy in the body and dissolves those contractions. Our director and founder, Scott Kiloby, says that because all of those contractions in his body have been dissolved, his body feels translucent, light, and empty… warm, fuzzy most all of the time. Certainly peaceful. 

Body contractions/Chakras are only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to healing mental health and addiction issues. At the Kiloby Center, full-time clients are there six hours a day, five days a week. The day is made-up of private sessions, group sessions, self-support, and somatic work from our team of skilled facilitators. The somatic healing is where the bulk of our body contractions/Chakra work takes place, although it is used in everything we do. The importance of body contraction/Chakra work cannot be overstated as it is one of the cornerstones of healing. Discovering where physical blocks are and then releasing that energy is a practice that should be fundamental in any type of mental health or addiction healing. 

Along with body contraction work, we use a trauma-first approach at the Center. The two really go hand in hand, as it’s just important to find out what the trauma is and how it’s affecting someone’s body and mind than it is to begin the healing process. We find clients who are open to the idea of body contraction/Chakra work and digging deep into their trauma have the best chance at healing. That readiness is critical to any kind of treatment program. If a well-intentioned family member pressures someone to get help before they are ready, it’s very difficult for that person to become fully immersed in treatment. The mind is powerful and will fight to keep the pain alive because it believes that is the only way to cope. For example, we know it’s bad to binge drink, but the mind can make us believe it is the only thing that will make us feel better. It might be short-term, but coping mechanisms can only help mask or hide the pain, and not long-term. 

You could look at body contractions as the body’s way of coping. The mind creates deficiency stories such as “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not loveable” due to past trauma. Those deficiency stories feed pain which the mind then pushes into the body through energy pockets or body contractions. Unless that energy is released, it stays wherever it ends up… the throat, chest, abdomen, etc… and creates blockages. Much of our work centers on how to release those blockages to promote healing.  

Of course, you can do all of the body contraction/Chakra work you want, but you still need to cut that energy off at the source, which resides in the mind. It’s really a very circular wheel of pain and you need to attack it from all angles… deficiency stories, trauma, and somatic work, in order to find peace and true healing. This is a life-long learning process for many people, not a quick fix. But once you start on your healing journey, you’ll find the peace it can bring something you can’t believe you lived without.

If you’re interested in real Chakra work, not fancy ideas of it or stories, but real experiential work that opens up those centers so you can be at peace like this, check out the Kiloby Center and learn more about us. If you are unable to travel, we offer telehealth (Zoom) sessions that have the very same skilled facilitators and content as in-person clients at the Center receive. For addiction clients, we even accept most private insurance. 

Come to the Kiloby Center and learn the new way to work with Chakras/body contractions to heal your mental health or addiction issues.


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