The connection created through giving and receiving attention has undeniable healing power: simply listening to another human being speak about their experiences with reality can make a large difference in well-being. We all need to be understood by others in order to feel whole. Oftentimes depression isolates people, making it difficult to express thoughts and truly process ideas. By spending a chunk of time with someone every day, connections are built that promote growth in both parties, and I have been humbled by the conversations I’ve had with patients in treatment and by the effect a smile and eye contact can have. I believe that the close connection formed between technician and patient helps facilitate the effectiveness of TMS treatment by making the patient comfortable, relaxed and open to change.

I became a TMS Technician because I wanted to be deeply involved with people. I wanted to walk with someone all the way through their treatments and personally follow-up with them afterwards. I have found exactly what I was looking for while working with Achieve TMS. As a technician I work very closely with patients each day, and over the course of the few weeks of treatment we inevitably become close; sharing stories, experiences and generally connecting as human beings.

It is a powerful thing to see a person bloom and grow. This growth generally occurs in small steps rather than bold jumps; a smile, a story, a restful sleep. Each of these is a small step towards recovery and growth. Tiny changes in mannerisms which may not be visible to most are easily noticed when working closely with someone every day. These small steps are what have made my job as a TMS technician so rewarding. Seeing a man who had a completely flat affect for the first 2 weeks of treatment crack a genuine smile for the first time was a powerful experience for me and an indicator that treatment was having an effect. And this effect has been replicated many times over in the time that I have been a technician.

My experience as a technician has shown me that true improvement comes from a combination of human and machine; human compassion and investment in addition to the application of amazing technology. I have seen that it is possible to improve a patient’s livelihood and to leave them with a new hope.

By Samuel Moody, Certified TMS Technician

This article is written by a guest writer, Samuel Moody, from our partner at Achieve TMS.


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