Can a Senior Recover from Drugs and Alcohol Addiction?

Recent studies have shown that older adults (those aged 65 to 79) are using drugs and alcohol at an epidemic rate and it’s exacerbating their existing medical problems. But doctors aren’t addressing the drug use, and it’s not being addressed in mental health or medical communities.

We have seen this substance abuse problem in seniors in the Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Calfornia area.   The Kiloby Center is located in this area, which is known as a haven for those who retire and move here for its sunny, relaxed climate.

Many seniors are not getting the help they need with regard to drugs and alcohol abuse, including prescription drug abuse. And many who want help do not resonate with existing programs such as the 12 step program.

The Kiloby Center has a wide demographic of clients.  Many of our clients are in their 50s, 60s and 70s.  We want to let seniors (i.e, older, elderly) all over the country and in the Coachella Valley area know that we are here and that we offer an alternative approach to the 12 steps.  Our program is based in mindfulness, an approach that can benefit anyone at any age.  Mindfulness is beneficial for depression and anxiety also.

For those seniors that are addicted to presciption painkillers, our medical director Dr. Lai, is a doctor of addiction medicine as well as an alternative pain specialist.  At the Center, we help those addicted to painkillers beat their addiction and find effective, drug-free ways of eliminating or reducing pain.

If you are a senior with a substance abuse issue or you know a loved one who is older and who needs addiction treatment, consider the Kiloby Center for Recovery.  The Center is a peaceful atmosphere, free of the chaos that is often found at other treatment centers.  You’ll feel safe and at home here with us.  It is never too late in life to find peace and well-being in the present moment and free yourself from long-held patterns of thought and behavior that have kept you suffering for years.  To read more about mindfulness, visit our blog at or sign up for a free phone consultation.


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