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BALM Family Program

We strongly encourage families to participate in both the BALM Family Program, as well as weekly or bi-weekly family sessions with your loved one. The family sessions with your loved ones are guided by our Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor.  Topics can include enabling & boundary setting and will include family therapies that can help you and your loved one communicate better and help you to support your loved one during and after treatment.  

Introducing the 24/7 BALM Family Recovery Education Program

Research shows that when a family also gets help, the struggling loved one has a much greater chance of attaining and maintaining recovery. Yet, many families whose loved ones DO get treatment maintain their own:

• enabling
• disrespect for treatment professionals
• ‘need’ to advocate for their loved ones will rather than for their recovery
• feeling that they can only be okay if their loved one is okay.
Family Recovery Resources, LLC, (FRR) whose mission is to help ALL families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes, aims to reverse the often stated misunderstanding that families:
• can only be an irritant to the treatment center
• are only useful in their ability to provide payments,
• must turn their back on their struggling loved one to be effective.
We welcome the opportunity to educate families so they can become true partners in helping the treatment center turn the tide from addiction to recovery in their family.
Families who go through our program often find themselves:
• able to get their lives back
• able to contribute consistently to their loved one’s recovery rather than their addiction
• partnering with their treatment providers as true advocates of their loved one’s recovery.


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