Involving a family in addiction treatment has higher chances of long-term recovery

Palm Springs' Leading Family Recovery Education Program

At The Kiloby Center, we understand the stress and confusion that comes with supporting a family member in rehabilitation. We strongly encourage families to participate in both the BALM Family Program, as well as weekly or bi-weekly family sessions with your loved one. The family sessions with your loved ones are guided by our Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor. Topics can include enabling and boundary setting and will consist of family therapies that can help you and your loved one communicate better and help you to support your loved one during and after treatment.  We’ll give your family the tools and understanding they need to best support your loved one’s recovery without exposing themselves to further pain or enabling your loved one in their addiction. Find out more by contacting our team today. 

Co-Dependency Help and Support

Research shows when a family also gets help, the struggling loved one has a much higher chance of attaining and maintaining recovery. Many families whose loved ones DO get treatment maintain their own denial, enabling, disrespect for treatment professionals, and other resentments towards the patient. This can cause a cascading effect that will lead your loved into a relapse. Our mission is to help all families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes. We aim to reverse the often stated misunderstanding that families:

Can only be an irritant to the treatment center

Are only useful in their ability to provide payments

Must turn their back on their struggling loved one to be effective

We welcome the opportunity to educate families so they can become true partners in helping the treatment center turn the tide from addiction to recovery in their family.

Giving your Family the Guidance they Need

Family members often find themselves at a loss as to how to help their loved one through the recovery process. We offer expert family counseling services that will give your family the guidance to move forward with their lives, contribute to their loved one’s recovery efforts, and partner with treatment providers. We’ll help you understand your loved one’s condition, how to avoid sabotaging their efforts through enabling or triggering and how best to protect themselves during the process. We believe every patient deserves unconditional love during recovery and we’re happy to give your family the needed support to accomplish that. 

 Unconditional Love in Recovery

Recovery is a long process of self-reflection, dealing with personal challenges and growth. During this time, your loved one needs all the unconditional love they can get to make a full recovery. While past hurts may cloud your family’s ability to support your loved one during this time, we offer comprehensive family counseling services to give your family the support they need to help your loved one in return. Our signature BALM program will let you unpack your frustrations and give you a better understanding of your loved one’s addiction issues. We’ll answer your questions and help you create a personalized support regimen that will improve your communication and relationship with your loved one as they transition back into everyday life. 

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