Insurance Accepted – Financing Available

The Kiloby Center for Recovery, Inc. has several options available for those who need assistance with health care costs.


The Center accepts many forms of health insurance for drug and alcohol addiction only.  If you have health insurance, finding out whether your policy covers participation at our Center is very easy.  Simply contact us and we will get the necessary information from you in order to determine whether your insurance covers our program.  We can also answer any questions you have about coverage and whether there will be any additional costs such as deductibles or other out of pocket expenses.

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The Center has partnered with Prosper Health Care Lending, which works with over 700 health care providers across the nation.  Prosper Health Care Lending is an institution that provides loans to people who need assistance covering the costs of treatment at our Center.  This loan would cover not only treatment but many other costs such as travel, food, deductibles, premiums and other costs related to participation with us.  If your loan application is accepted, you can pay your loan according to a set of terms that works for you.  This acts much like a payment plan.  If you are interested in applying for a loan for health care costs, please click the banner below and start the process.  You may want to speak to us first to determine what the costs of treatment will be in your case.

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