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BIG NEWS! The Kiloby Center is expanding! We will soon be accepting non-addiction clients looking for a truly revolutionary and immersive mindfulness program.
For six years, the Kiloby Center has built a strong reputation worldwide for helping substance abuse clients recover and stay sober. This January, we’re expanding our work to include those people not battling addiction, so that anyone can learn our exclusive inquiry work developed by Scott Kiloby.
This four week program is designed to help anyone dealing with unhappiness, anxiety, depression and a general lack of direction in their life. During this program, Scott Kiloby and our world-class facilitators will help you learn our deep inquiry work. This will take place through private and group sessions, somatic body work such as TRE and other activities. We’ll cover many areas, including self-inquiry, body contractions, non-dual awareness, deficiency stories, seeking and much more.
This exciting new program is located next door to our addiction treatment center location in the beautiful community of Palm Springs, California.
Many people choose the New Year as a benchmark to get their lives on the right track. Start this new year out strong by joining us January 6 – 31, 2020 as we launch this exciting new program.  While we recommend staying four weeks, the length of your individual program is totally customizable. You can choose to stay longer or shorter than a month. We invite you to come and truly find freedom from the trappings of the endless cycle of mind games.
For more information or to sign-up, please contact Chad at 866-545-6295 ext 1 or