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Scott Kiloby and Dan McLintock are partnering, along with a support team of certified facilitators, to offer a New Personal Mentorship Program. This program provides the same level of support they used when developing the Kiloby Inquiries tools. Learn more here.

“The real work happens between sessions”

Scott Kiloby

The real work never ends. Between sessions, after treatment, when your spouse leaves dirty dishes in the sink, or when a loved one dies… life continues to mirror what unsettles us.

That may sound daunting… because it is. Especially if you’re stuck believing those old, deeply ingrained deficiency stories about yourself. Someone who is “bad” and needs to become “good”. Or, conversely, an “unlightened” person becoming “enlightened”.

Taking the Proper Steps for Healing Yourself

So much healing takes place in letting yourself off the hook. This includes being able to see through the expectations to be something other than you are. With this, we can also see the pattern of leaving oneself “now” to chase ideas of a better “later”.

“Nobody’s expecting the Toyota to be a Rolls Royce”

Paul Hedderman

This is what the New Personal Mentorship Program is all about. It’s about what happens after treatment and between sessions.

The New Personal Mentorship Program

It’s about learning to be with yourself thoroughly, continuingly increasing intimacy with yourself (and by extension, others and life), learning the skills to bring more kindness and gentleness to your experience, and finding your tribe, a community of others who crave authenticity and freedom just like you do. 

Ultimately, it’s about building a foundation of skills so that you can continue to enjoy the ebbs and flows, the now-journey of life, with increased presence, peace, and freedom.

The New Personal Mentorship Program includes:

Ten hours of live interaction with Scott and Dan

Twenty hours with the Mentor Training Assistants (all experienced KI-Certified Facilitators)
Twelve month access to the training materials, including the manual, videos, and supporting pdfs
Four, one-hour, one-on-one sessions with KI-Certified Facilitators
The opportunity of being facilitated for up to twelve months by facilitator trainees
Ongoing community support through Facebook group and membership site

Our Tools for Self Healing

These tools are developed to deal directly with our issues of seeking and addiction by looking directly at the drivers. By avoiding the trap of short-term, rule-based fixes, or by counting clean time, we can resolve the underlying factors that cause us to seek behaviors that, however temporarily, reduce pain in the first place.

Now, we are teaching these tools in a brand-new way, with a focus on creating the foundations for a lifelong practice. 

No one needs a guru, a parent, a friend, a politician, or anyone else to tell you what’s good for you and how to make it happen. Be your own guru.

This is the new model of spirituality, creating independence, and in turn, nurturing healthy interdependence. Helping people heal themselves and, by extension, the world. 


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