The benefits of mindfulness continue to show positive results.  At least 60 percent of North Americans have experienced at least one traumatic event in their life. Many of those people will go on to develop PTSD which can be debilitating, leading to stress, job loss, family issues, and the inability to enjoy life. Unfortunately, the majority of those affected will not seek help, leading to years of needless pain and suffering.

There is hope. Recent research has once again found that mindfulness techniques can have a significant impact in reducing the thoughts and feelings associated with traumatic events.

Take a look at this excerpt from the article on the research project: “Researchers found that individuals who participated in the mindfulness-based interventions demonstrated significantly lower levels of PTSD symptoms following treatment than various control group members. They also found that the longer the mindfulness intervention, the greater the reduction in traumatic stress symptoms.” The full story can be found here

The bottom line, practicing mindfulness goes back centuries and western medicine continues to discover the benefits. That’s why the Kiloby Center uses a trauma-first approach with clients, whether they are working on addiction or not. Teaching our clients mindfulness techniques helps them “get out of their head” and feeling into their emotions and sensations. Real-world results that scientific research continues to confirm.


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