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First off, this is not a blog bashing any other treatment program. Some people thrive in a traditional model, and we applaud them. The point of this blog is that many people don’t connect with a program like 12 Step. This is for them, and anyone else that is tired of holding back the dam one day at a time.

Our non-12 Step approach is based on mindfulness and presence

At the Kiloby Center, our goal is to get you out of your head where thoughts and images drive the pain. For many people, this leads them to find a coping mechanism of drugs, alcohol, porn, gambling, or anything else in an attempt to avoid the pain.

Feeling into this moment through your body without thought may sound easy enough, but most people who suffer from addiction (and even those that don’t), are in a constant state of overthinking or avoidance. Don’t take it personally, this is how most of us were brought up… to always be dreaming of tomorrow or days past. Living in the moment takes some effort, but the good news is it becomes easier with practice and eventually becomes second nature.

So how does thisnon-12 Step approach apply to addiction and mental health treatment?

Our groundbreaking work starts by helping clients explore their deficiency stories (I’m not good enough, I’m not loveable, etc…) and past traumas. We can then use those thoughts, images, and feelings associated with the pain to find the connection to the addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, or whatever else is weighing on their life. We don’t ignore the thoughts or use medications to subdue them, instead, we help clients run right into them through feeling into the body. We don’t think through the problem, we feel into it. This way we can release that energy instead of holding onto it.

If you think this all sounds simple or difficult, well, you’re right. It’s the most simple and natural way of healing, but most of our brains are not wired that way, so it can be a struggle for some at first. But even clients who don’t connect right away have a seed planted in them that usually pulls them deeper into the work. Our caring, and professional staff help guide clients every step of the way.

Our focus isn’t just on addiction, it’s also on mental health.

Most clients are dealing with both and although the groundwork of our mindfulness method is the same for each client, everyone gets a tailor-made approach to their individual needs. Two people suffering from alcoholism or PTSD have had different journeys, so it’s important to meet people where they are. In fact, meeting people where they are at their stage of addiction or mental health issues is the foundation of our philosophy. We do not use a cookie-cutter approach for everyone. Each client’s unique differences and experiences are taken into account with their treatment plan. At the Kiloby Center, you’re not in this alone. Ever.

We work with clients on a wide range of issues.

The most common issues include alcohol and drug abuse, PTSD, eating disorders, gambling, porn addiction, anger issues, toxic relationships, and anything else that has created obstacles in their lives. Nearly every client comes in with some form of trauma, which fortunately for them is our specialty. Despite common belief, trauma doesn’t have to be something as serious as physical abuse, it’s whatever has left a mark that they’ve carried with them throughout their lives and hasn’t been addressed properly. Childhood bullying is a good example. Some people think of it as a right of passage, but it can leave lasting scars such as feelings of inadequacy or shame. If those thoughts and feelings aren’t addressed, they will likely carry over into other aspects of life, many times without the person knowing that it’s the cause of their deficiency stories.

We’re all made up of a tapestry of personal history wrapped in feelings and emotions. Sometimes we do things or act in ways we know aren’t good for us, but it’s our mind’s way of trying to cope and protect us. Once we recognize that, we need to take the next step and look for help.

Don’t fight your addiction. Leave it behind.

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