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Each client has individual needs.  We tailor our program to each client.  We have several levels of care including:

If you need detoxification and 24-hour residential treatment, we will refer you to one of our care partners that best meets your needs. This level of care is appropriate for those clients who wish to be monitored and overseen by a doctor during detoxification or who have a serious addiction or history of relapsing and are in need of a 24 hour/lockdown environment to keep them safe and free from the daily triggers of their addiction.

The Kiloby Center for Recovery offers a day treatment program. Day treatment is similar to residential care in that clients receive a high level of support and care. During day treatment (called Partial Hospitalization) clients may participate with us at the Kiloby Center all day, up to six days a week, and sleep at home, nearby lodging, or one of the sober living houses we work within the area. Day Treatment is a step down from the detox and residential level of care. It offers more flexibility for those clients who wish to participate in treatment at a high level of care without the need for a safe 24-hour lockdown environment.

The Kiloby Center for Recovery offers an Intensive Outpatient Program, which is three hours a day, for two or more days per week. This level of care is often appropriate for clients who have already finished detox, residential treatment, or day treatment and are looking for a more flexible outpatient program as they transition back into their lives. Intensive Outpatient clients may sleep at home, nearby lodging, or one of the sober living houses we work with in the area.

A typical day

Our program includes group and private sessions where clients are facilitated through our mindfulness approach and learn to use the tools on their own so that they can experience a lifetime of freedom. This potent combination of tools often results in a radical shift in perspective for clients that eliminates or greatly reduces addiction and other psychological and emotional issues.

We use a step-down model where clients move through the various levels of care (from higher to lower) over a period of time and then slowly transition back into their normal lives when they feel ready.  Some clients stay at our house during the entire transition period.

Our programs range from a few weeks up to many months or even a year, depending on your needs.  There is a minimum stay of 30 days for most drug and alcohol cases.  We encourage 60 to 90 days, as we have found the most success with these longer-term programs. 

Clients who come for reasons other than drug or alcohol addiction have a variety of options for lodging, including hotels or guesthouses very close to our Center.

after care

We also have a solid aftercare program that is available to all of our clients once they finish their participation with us. 

The aftercare program is a lifetime program that includes sessions with our facilitators online, group support, a mentor relationship with previous clients who can provide support and help as well as free, lifetime, unlimited access to all the videos and audios created by the Kiloby Center. 

In many cases, we provide referrals to other sober living options for clients after they finish our program, if they need a protected environment as they transition back into their normal lives. 

Our Mindfulness Approach

The central focus at our center is helping clients settle into the natural rest of the present moment. With the use of the tools from Scott’s book, Natural Rest for Addiction, clients are guided into the deepest and most radical recovery from addiction. The treasure of this way of recovery is that this freedom is found in the one place the addicted mind refuses to look – the present moment!

We have found that all suffering arises through what we call the Velcro Effect, which is the experience of thoughts being stuck together with emotions and sensations. Our mindfulness approach undoes the velcro effect on every level of experience, resulting in a radical inner peace and love and a deep acceptance of life as it is. 

Our mindfulness approach is not limited to addiction. We work with anyone suffering from anxiety, phobias, stress, depression, self-esteem issues, and self-limiting beliefs, painful thoughts, and emotions, compulsive behaviors, relationship issues, anxiety around health conditions and chronic pain, and a host of other human crises, conditions, and situations.

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