Since the Kiloby Center for Recovery’s inception, we have successfully treated celebrities/actors who are struggling with addiction, anxiety and/or depression. They come from a variety of locations, including the Los Angeles/Hollywood/Palm Springs, California area as well as from several European Countries.  Our approach to addiction covers many behaviors including alcoholism, meth addiction, cocaine/crack addiction, heroin addiction, painkiller addiction, food addiction and several other addictive behaviors. Sometimes actors use our work just to feel more confident at auditions and to put to rest long-standing self-esteem issues or stage fright that sabotages their acting careers.

We welcome our doors to everyone. However, we understand that celebrities have special needs with regard to privacy and confidentiality.  The HIPPA laws of the U.S. protect every individual’s right to privacy and confidentiality in all matters of health care. We follow HIPPA to the letter of the law, regardless of whether a client is famous or not. We also know that celebrities are sometimes under an even greater pressure to keep their participation in a substance abuse or addiction treatment center completely private. They often have publicists or managers working on their behalf to keep information about their participation in such a program from reaching the hands of the media, and we do whatever we can to assist.

Virtually everyone who attends an addiction treatment center is dealing with some level of shame or self-judgment around the addiction. This issue is compounded when a person’s private life is open to public scrutiny. These are special matters that have to be addressed in the most sensitive and confidential manner possible. Our mindfulness work provides a way to put to rest all of the shame and self-judgment around addiction, including the shame and self-judgment that comes from being addicted and famous at the same time.

During their participation in our program, celebrities can remain confident that their privacy and confidentiality will be upheld from the moment they first contact us to the moment they leave our program and beyond. The first call to our Center will be directed to the private line of our co-founder Scott Kiloby so that no staff members will even know about the celebrities’ inquiry into our program. When a celebrity chooses our Center, we employ added privacy protection measures, including  private transportation from the airport if needed.  Those added protections may also include providing exclusive sober living facility, private guest house or nearby hotel accommodations (with 24 hour supervision if needed) to further protect his or her confidentiality.

While working with us at the Center, we can segregate celebrities from the rest of our participants, if requested. Because of the uniqueness of our mindfulness approach, our most effective recovery work happens in private sessions. In private sessions, we customize our approach to meet the specific needs of the individual. We are able to schedule those sessions in a manner which allows a person to enter our facility without any other participants knowing he or she is present in the facility. Only the celebrity and his facilitator/counselor are present during those sessions. If group work is necessary, every client is required to sign a binding agreement not to share any information heard during the group meeting with anyone outside the facility, including names or any personal identifying information.

We are not a 12 step program. Our program is based on Scott Kiloby’s mindfulness approach called “Natural Rest for Addiction”, which includes his innovative tools called the “Living Inquiries.” Many celebrities have tried 12 step programs before and have relapsed or have friends or acquaintances in the business who have failed to find recovery in 12 step programs. Our mindfulness approach is a better fit in those cases. Mindfulness is an emerging, effective method of recovery. It’s been called the next evolutionary step in addiction treatment.

Unlike some other aftercare programs, confidentiality remains a priority after a person leaves the Kiloby Center and continues working with us.

We do offer and encourage confidential group support through our aftercare program, but we understand that sometimes attending such meetings is not possible or attendance is limited due to work in remote locations. We offer group support on Skype for those celebrities on location in cities where they do not feel comfortable attending a local, public meeting.  For those celebrities who do not wish to attend any group meetings, we offer ongoing private, individual aftercare sessions with one of Scott Kiloby’s trained facilitators who meets privately with the celebrity on Skype. We can even set up those private Skype sessions with one of our facilitators in another country to further protect privacy.

Most importantly, our mindfulness-based approach provides a way for clients, on their own, to dissolve addictive cravings in the moment they arise. This is particularly beneficial for celebrities who simply do not feel comfortable attending and sharing private details of their lives openly in a local, public meeting when they are experiencing thoughts of relapse. We teach all of our clients how to observe thoughts, emotions and sensations in a manner that dismantles the craving right away, so that it does not lead to relapse. This provides self-sufficiency and self-support that other programs simply cannot provide because they are not based in mindfulness. Other programs often state that attending public meetings or calling someone else in times of distress is the only answer.

If you are a celebrity, a manager, publicist, family or friend of a celebrity and you wish to inquire into our services at the Center, email us at and simply ask for Scott Kiloby’s private number. That number will be provided to you immediately and you may call Scott for a free, private consultation.


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