“Addiction falls away when the pain underneath it is healed. Trying to quit an addiction before the underlying pain is healed is very difficult and usually leads to substituting one addictive thing for another. Be radical about recovery. Don’t settle for mere abstinence. Be interested only in authentic awakening and healing.”
~ Scott Kiloby
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Antonia Montoya

May 18 to 20

Motivational Interviewing and Recovery


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Antonia Montoya is a Certified Health Education Specialist and works with people on behavior change. Motivational interviewing and gratitude practices are foundational in her work. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and works in person and online consulting, leading workshops and individual health and wellness coaching. Her clients focus on gratitude and learn from their successes in order to make the positive changes they want in their lives. She is the creator of Our Gratitude Collective. Learn more about her work:

Thriving Through Sobriety
Our Gratitude Collective

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Beck Gee-Cohen

June 15 to 17

Trauma of Invisibility


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Beck Gee-Cohen, MA LADC, is originally from the Los Angeles Area and has found his way back to LA after about 20 years living in various places across the US. Beck has a passion for working with the LGBTQ+ community and has years of experience doing so. He has written articles and papers directly addressing the need for training staff on LGBTQ+ communities. Beck has spoken nationally at various conferences regarding LGBTQ+ communities. He has created programming for LGBTQ+ specific treatment programs, is on the Board of the GEMS Conference and Cultivate Farms, and works closely with LGBTQ+ sober communities around the country. Beck has over 12 years of personal recovery and continues to address concerns of equality and acceptance of LGBTQ+ in sober communities.

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Sat Dharam Kaur

July 20 to 22

Coming Home to Yourself
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For several decades Sat Dharam has been integrating and creating a fusion of three great passions – Kundalini Yoga, Naturopathic Medicine and Environmental Sustainability. Kundalini Yoga develops the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness required to navigate the deep and challenging waters of the 21st century. Beyond Addiction is a program based on kundalini yoga and trauma expert Dr Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry.

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San Patrignano[1] copy

San Patrignano Recovery Community

August 24 to 26
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The therapeutic program at San Patrignano in Italy is based on education and rehabilitation. The person is not considered afflicted by an illness and therefore, pharmacological treatments to combat drug abuse are not used. Instead physiotherapeutic and psychiatric interventions are implemented when deemed necessary, in order to treat specific individual problems.
The rehabilitation program is tailored to each resident and varies depending on the characteristics and needs of every individual. There are no rigid therapeutic steps or a defined timescale. Instead, considering the problems and demands of a radical personal change, we offer a long-term residential rehabilitation program; in fact, the minimum duration is three years. There is no cost to the residents or their families.
Learn more about San Patrignano recovery community here and be sure to watch August 24th.

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Did you miss the September Summit? If you caught us live, what impacted you most? Who do you want to watch again? The two most-watched interviews were Scott Kiloby on Real Freedom and Dr Gabor Mate on Trauma, Connection and Addiction.

In this Summit, we get to the real root of addiction and radical recovery and healing.

Scott Kiloby:

Real Freedom

Dr Gabor Mate:

Trauma, Connection and Addiction

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