Science confirms our approach once again, at the Kiloby Center. According to Science Daily, researchers have now found a link in the brain between the reward and stress/anxiety systems. These two systems are now considered to be working together as one “motivational” system. Read more about the neurobiological framework underlying substance use. 

The “high” of dopamine motivates a person to keep using, and the stress of withdrawal motivates a person not to quit.

At the Kiloby Center, Scott and his facilitators have been using the Compulsion and Anxiety Inquiries together (known collectively as the Kiloby Inquiries) to target both the compulsive cravings and the stress/anxiety that accompanies those cravings, seeing them as one movement of thought and sensation.
It’s great when science confirms our approach to what we are doing at the Kiloby Center. The Center is constantly monitoring new scientific developments in the field of addiction, anxiety, and depression.

We will keep you up to date on further advancements that match our work at the Center.

To read the full article, visit Science Daily.

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