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Recently, Scott joined hosts Marla and Dave for the Mental Health Monday Talk Show Podcast. In this conversation, Scott discusses inquiry and mindfulness within the contexts of mental health and recovery. Have you heard the conversation? You can listen (and watch) below.

The Mental Health Monday podcast is created in partnership with NAMI-SFV and Loving Beyond Reason.

In this chat, Scott, founder of the Kiloby Center for Recovery, shares his own story and experience. Scott hit bottom and got clean with the 12-step program after a 20-year drug and alcohol addiction.

However, his journey does not end there.

After a few years in the program, Scott began to venture out beyond the 12 step world. He found that many of his addictive cravings and self-esteem issues were not addressed through the program. In fact, the 12-step approach seemed to practically ignore trauma. As a result, this lead to a highly increased risk of relapse. Therefore, Scott’s mission became to find a better way to recover.  

An Alternative to 12-Step

After leaving the 12 step program, he began to study with various spiritual enlightenment teachers. These teachers focused on mindfulness and present moment awareness. Through his study and experiential practice, Scott experienced a deeply transformative awakening experience.

Scott came to recognize the impact of incorporating non-traditional approaches to recovery and healing. Consequently, he became passionate about sharing this insight in order to help others.

Furthermore, Scott talks about the impact of this journey on the development of the Kiloby Center approach. His treatment centers became ground-breaking because they incorporated Eastern-based thinking. In fact, the Kiloby Center for Recovery is the first primarily mindfulness-based treatment center in the United States.

Scott was able to ‘translate’ concepts from Hinduism and Buddhism in a way that can be applied for folks in western countries. This work instills the integration of the body, mind, and soul for those in recovery.

More About Mental Health Monday

Mental Health Monday airs live every Monday evening. Marla and Dave join mental health professionals, celebrities, and the NAMI community. Together, the hosts and their guests lend their experiences, voices and talents to end the negative stigma of mental health. Read more or donate here.


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