Sober & Clean, that’s the result The Kiloby Center received after one year of operation, the Kiloby Center for Recovery is happy to publish the results of a survey of our past clients who participated in our drug and alcohol program for at least 21 days during that year, which began on February 3, 2014 and ended on February 2, 2015. These clients participated with us either for 21 days or for 30 days or more. The results are broken down for both time periods. 86% of our clients responded to the survey. These results cover only the 86% that responded.

The Survey 

Two questions were posed to past clients. They were as follows:

1.On the date of receiving this survey, are you currently clean and sober from the drug or substance for which you  sought treatment at the Kiloby Center?  This is not asking whether you have remained totally clean and sober since leaving.  It is asking if you are clean and sober at the time of receiving this survey?

2.Have you remained clean and sober since leaving our program from the drug or substance for which you sought help at the Center?

The Results

The national average for success following outpatient services at other treatment centers is estimated to be around 10% to 30%. The Kiloby Center was an outpatient facility in the last year but is moving towards more of a residential-like setting, as described below.

84% of the clients responding to the survey participated in our program for 30 days or more and most of them continued in some form of aftercare with us after leaving the Center.  Of those clients who participated in our 30 days or more program, 100% of them indicated that they were clean and sober at the time of the receipt of the survey (question #1).  16% of the clients responding to the survey participated for 21 days.  Of those clients who participated for 21 days, 100% of them indicated that they were clean and sober at the time of receipt of the survey (question #1).  Of those clients who participated in our 30 days or more program, only one experienced a relapse since leaving.  That client drank once but then experienced no cravings after that and continued to remain clean and sober up until the time of the survey.  All other clients remained clean and sober since leaving our program (question #2).

What Are We Learning from these Results

The Center will continue to monitor these clients and all other clients who participate with us in the upcoming years.  Relapse is considered normal and a part of recovery.  Some of these clients may experience a relapse.  Only time will tell.  We do know that we have something special here at the Center.  It’s not just these results that tell us this.  It’s all the other changes clients report in their lives, including a deeper sense of peace, a sense of being much more present in the moment, less emotional triggers in relationship and finding purpose and direction in life that affords new opportunities.  Even the one client that relapsed once, and then remained clean and sober, recently said to us:

“I’m doing great.  Life has never been so effortless & flowing & comfortable.  It’s like I just keep moving more towards life, but not in an attached way. It’s like flowing with life in a deeper way than I’ve ever known.”

There are some adjustments we intend to make for 2015. We are constantly monitoring our program and looking for areas in which we can improve how we help people. We have just acquired a house to lodge all of our clients who are working with us for 30 days or more. It will be called “The Kiloby Sober Living House” and it will open March 1, 2015. This will help us provide even more ‘around the clock’ care and support to clients. We did not have this house in the first year. We feel the addition of this house will further strengthen our program. In addition, we are now requiring clients looking for drug or alcohol recovery to participate with us for at least 30 days. We are recommending 60 to 90 days. The new national model is 90 days. We feel a longer program in which clients can immerse themselves even more into our work will be highly beneficial.

We have just developed an innovative board game based on our recovery approach at the Center that is a lot of fun and that will help clients educate themselves about addiction and recovery and strengthen their ability to use our mindfulness tools in their daily lives. We will be offering much more body movement and work in 2015 which will help people release the deep sensations in the body that lie at the core of the desire to use addictive substances. We have also developed a new model of recovery called RTS – Readiness, Transformation and Support – that works effectively within Scott Kiloby’s overall approach. Our past success has shown us that these three elements are needed for successful recovery. The RTS model is a way of assessing and addressing the degree to which a client is ready for recovery and ready to use our tools in their daily lives, the degree to which transformation is happening in their lives through the use of our tools and the degree to which they are receiving and giving vital group and individual support. We are adding recreational activities to our program to provide our clients entertainment, exercise and balance in their lives. Finally, our aftercare system continues to grow, providing a lot of support to clients once they leave our program. Our aftercare system includes continued work with online facilitators of Scott’s Inquiries, group and individual support for each client, and free, unlimited, lifetime access to all of the audios and videos that we create at the Kiloby Center.


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