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NEW: Independent research provides insight into Kiloby mindfulness methods

Independent survey confirms impressive Kiloby Center treatment success rates 

The results are in! Just released findings reveal clients that who completed treatment at the Kiloby Center for Recovery saw huge drops in trauma, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. The vast majority were also very satisfied with their one-of-a-kind mindfulness treatment at the Kiloby Center.

Key points from the research*:

  • 76% of clients reported trauma when they arrived
  • 12% reported those symptoms when they left
  • 70% of clients had anxiety symptoms when they arrived
  • 3% reported those symptoms when they left
  • 73% of clients reported depression when they arrived
  • 9% reported those symptoms when they left
  • No client that reported suicidal thoughts when they arrived had those thoughts when they left
  • 71% of all clients were very satisfied with their treatment at the Kiloby Center

Everyone says their program is different… ours really is. The Kiloby Center for Recovery is located in the beautiful community of Palm Springs and uses a groundbreaking, non-12 step mindfulness and presence approach to treat addiction, trauma, anxiety and depression.

*Vista Research Group survey release January 2019

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